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Continuing Education Providers

Approval Procedure

To obtain approval to provide cardiovascular perfusionists with Category I CEUs, sponsoring organizations, agencies or individuals must:

  • Review the ABCP approval policy.

  • Complete and submit the appropriate Application Packet* along with requested documentation.

  • Submit a processing fee according to the following tiered structure (Effective January 1, 2014)-
    • Tier I- from 1-10 CEUs $150;
    • Tier II- from 11-20 CEUs $250;
    • Tier III- from 21-30 CEUs $350;
    • Tier IV- 31 or more CEUs $450;
    • Late fee $100.

Submit your CEU/SDCE provider application fee online.

CEU Provider Forms

*Application Packets

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
Download(Form 12e) Program Approval

Self-Directed Continuing Education (SDCE)
Download(Form 13e) Annual Module Approval
Download(Form 14e) Multiple Day Module Approval

Download and complete any form with MS ExcelMS Excel logo. Submit the completed file as an e-mail attachment to