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Recertification Forms

CCPs complete and retain the following form as needed in order to document self-study, Category III continuing education activities for ABCP audits. Learn more

Category III documentaion forms

Category III Documentation

Download(Form 6d) Activity Review Report (doc-version)
Download(Form 6p) Activity Review Report (pdf-version)


a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader DCAdobe logo as needed.

All regular recertification reports must be submitted through the Online Filing System.

Access the Online Filing System.

The following recertification forms are for use only by CCPs who are granted a recertification extension or conditional certification and extended leave. These special-purpose reports* are not submitted through the Online Filing System.

Recertification Forms

*Extension Forms

Download(Form 7d) Clinical Activity Report (doc-version)
Download(Form 8d) Professional Activity Report (doc-version)

*Conditional Certification and Extended Leave

Download(Form 9p) Policy
Download(Form 10d) Clinical Case Report (doc-version)
Download(Form 11d) Clinical Activity Report (doc-version)

*Download and complete the doc-version of a form with MS WordMS Word logo. E-mail the completed document as an attachment to

*Complete and submit the web-version of a form with Adobe Acrobat Reader DCAdobe logo.