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Simulation Provider Information

ABCP Policy for High-Fidelity Perfusion Simulation

High-Fidelity Perfusion Simulation (HFPS) is the use of simulation modalities or mechanisms to create a realistic patient model or perfusion situation. HFPS must be an interactive process facilitated by ABCP certified perfusionists (CCPs) using standardized medical simulation devices that integrate realistic perfusion events experienced during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures in a realistic surgical setting using a conventional heart-lung machine or ECMO circuit. HFPS will utilize computerized simulation modalities or scenarios that are controlled or programmed by a CCP external to the perfusionist. These functions may be altered by a Simulation Facilitator as an interactive result of learner actions.

All simulated activities MUST include:

  1. Each interactive HFPS simulation or series of HFPS simulations must include an education/briefing session, simulation session and debriefing session.
  2. Each HFPS simulation or series of HFPS simulations must maintain a record of the education/briefing, simulation, and debriefing for each participant. This document should be retained for three years and readily available for audits.
  3. Each HFPS simulation should document the type of simulation and provide a summary detailing technology used and scenario.
  4. Each HFPS simulation must document the CCP serving as Simulation Facilitator, along with a contact phone number, and email address for auditing purposes.
  5. HFPS must include media recording equipment that can be used for evaluation, education, and debriefing of each simulation/simulation series.
  6. HFPS scenarios must be reproducible, reliable, and valid. The simulation/simulation series length must be no less than fifty (50) minutes of active simulation activity. One (1) case credit is awarded for every HFPS activity that meets or exceeds these guidelines.
  7. Simulation participants must submit the Simulation Case Verification and Evaluation Form to be eligible for case credits or CEU's.
  8. Each HFPS simulation must include and retain a participant evaluation form sent in by the participant for 3 years.
  9. Simulation for case credit can only be used for recertification, not for initial certification.

ABCP-Recognized Simulation Center Application

  1. Simulation Center Administrators must complete the ABCP-Recognized Simulation Center Application Form and submit to the ABCP (with requested documentation) for approval every year in order for Simulation participants to receive case credits or CEU's. (File date deadlines for annual approval are July 1 and December 1.)
  2. Prior to submitting Simulation Center Credentials Form, please review the ABCP policy regarding High-Fidelity Perfusion Simulation.
  3. Submit $250 processing fee to ABCP National Office.

ABCP-Recognized Simulation Center Application Form (Excel form) - This form may be downloaded and completed using Microsoft Excel. You will need to email the completed form to

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